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The Pilates is an art. Is an art to teach it, to learn it, to execute it and needs of concentration and patience in order to obtain of turns out to you. It is not fitness, it is not yoga, it is not fisioterapy or riabilitation but but with of all that, for this it is  an art. As it must be an art to construct blots them of it and all the used equipments: with suitable materials, the just angolature, the corrected application of the forces. Teaching,  Masters di Pilates does not improvise, follows course who last years, is prepared in first person in the body and the mind in order to enter totally in the mentality of the Pilates method. A good ones teaching of Pilates is a personal trainer, follows to you in every single exercise, movement.

This situated one does not want to be exaustive for the Pilates argument, but it will try to address you towards teaching certifys you of your city, it will be able to advise to you on where to buy your tools of Pilates based on the quality and to the price.